Get the Child Support You Deserve

Get the Child Support You Deserve

The issue of child support can greatly impact whether the parent who primarily resides with the children can maintain the lifestyle he or she and the children enjoyed during the marriage. Illinois law on child support issues has been modified and new support calculation procedures will be in place in 2017. While there are statutory guidelines under the old and new laws setting what standard support should be, variables can exist.

As a skilled family law attorney, Marios N. Karayannis has handled hundreds of cases involving child support issues and has likely handled and resolved a case similar to yours.

In addition to basic child support calculations which are made via statutory guidelines, other support factors exist including contributions towards day care expenses, extracurricular activities your children are involved in, medical and dental expenses and school related expenses and fees. Our attorney has handled hundreds of cases and has the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that you will receive the appropriate support you deserve if you are the primary residential parent. He will also strive to help nonresidential parents achieve fair and equitable support obligations which allow that parent to adequately provide for his or her children while recognizing that the nonresidential parent’s support obligations need to remain reasonable enough to allow that parent the ability to lead a reasonable life also

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Often, changes in job situations or the needs of the children can create situations where a modification of support is appropriate. Our attorney has handled numerous such cases, on both sides of the equation for both the residential and non-residential parent and thus has the necessary experience to handle your case if you find yourself in this situation.